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I’ve learned a few things lately:

– Sleep is overrated. Coffee is not.

– Cat poop on my shoe stinks. But cats catch rats.

– (Accidentally) doubling the butter in the frosting makes it extra yummy.

– You can’t buy anything if you don’t go into the store.

I’ve seen a few things lately:

– Bridget is now rolling over on purpose.

– Megan’s enthusiasm just explodes out of her.

– Kate doesn’t always appreciate this.

I’ve heard a few things, too:

– Daniel can (and does) comment on or question every, single, minute detail. Again. And again.

– Katelyn loves first grade. She’s going to marry a boy in her grade. (Upon the questioning by her grandma – because I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole – she said the first reason was because he was funny like her Daddy. Too sweet.)

– Daniel says he’ll marry me.

– Daniel only wants me to read him train books. Or school bus books. Or fire truck books.

– Bridget loves to coo, giggle and squeak. Her latest noise is … unique, I’m not sure how to describe it.

– Megan sings great songs – especially to her little sister.

We’ve even done some fun things:

– Play dough.

– Climbing mountains.

– Walking to school really is a nice way to start the day.

– Playing in puddles at the farmer’s market.

– Reading.

– Candyland. Even Daniel can play.

– Puzzles.

– Sewing – bags are my latest kick.


Ok. There. We’re all doing well. And have not fallen off the face of the earth.


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May 8, 2011 Mother's Day

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Baby: Before and after

Before, four days before, in fact:

(Maternity pictures by shelliebaxterphotography.com)

And after:

Ready to go home Tuesday morning.

Megan insisted on a bow for Bridget. Tuesday afternoon.


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1) How does Kate manage to look girly while wearing a camo hat and digging in the dirt?

2) This is how I found them one morning when I got up. I’d been up at 5 (and hungry, of course) so I made enough oatmeal for all of us for breakfast while I was at it. Then I went back to bed. Later they got their own spoons and let me sleep.

3) My shadow, the angle of the sun and a self portrait. Not an exact representation of my shape. But my belly sure is round!

4) Megan and Daniel were walking around with their arms around each other all morning one day. I think they like each other! (And I LOVE that my girls will still walk to school holding hands.)

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Good morning to you, too.

The first thing Josh said to me this morning:

“Good morning.”

The second thing:

“Well, I guess you’re not completely barefoot.”

(I was in the kitchen, baking, wearing my apron, pajamas and fuzzy socks.)

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The Non-Post

What I want to post is pictures. But something (user error, user forgetfulness, computer, internet) is making uploading pictures really slow lately.

So. If I could, you’d get to see pictures of:

Megan’s fourth birthday.

Kate’s sixth birthday.

Our trip to our friends’ farm.

The awesome new/old towel hooks in the bathroom.

The kids’ latest artwork.

My latest sewing/crocheting/crafting.

The baby’s “room” complete with cradle and sweet blankets.

The tulips buds by our fence.

Our butterfly chandelier and garland for spring.

How cute all the kids are.

But since there are no pictures, just imagine it. OK?

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Frugal Maternity Fashion

I’m joining in the Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show at Balancing Bedlam and Beauty. Not that I am much of a fashionista, but I am definitely frugal and love to shop thrift stores – where I do find most of my clothing.

Even now, with this six-month baby bump I’ve been able to find several items recently – some maternity, many just longer and stretchier styles or larger than usual sizes.

And although I’d rather wear leggings or sweatpants all day, I find I feel better when I actually get dressed, so I’m doing that most days. Here’s a few outfits I’ve found or enjoyed lately:

All of the items were found at thrift stores for $1 to $2.50, except the khaki pants which I think I got off ebay (it was two pregnancies ago, so I don’t remember, just like I don’t remember yesterday!).

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