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Because …

… I’m hard-core.

… we’re not made of sugar.

… we have to get home from school.

… I ate way too much fried polenta with honey.

… it’s fun to walk in the rain.

That’s why!


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Once in a while when I tell someone where we live, their face lights up with recognition! Then I know they are a race fan.

So. I took the kids to the vintage races (both cars and drivers were old and supposedly “not” racing, just having fun) a few weeks ago. It was cheap to get in and the stands were not crowded – we had a lot of fun. Even saw some friends.

Daniel maybe liked it the most as he pointed and just kept saying, “car! car! car!” for every one he saw. You know, every time each one went around the track.

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Look, can you see them? The tiny sprouts that came up in squiggly rows in my garden?

I think these are lettuce, or cabbage, or broccoli. But not peas.

I’m SO excited, even that they just came up! I’ve never had a garden before and am, so far, very enthusiastic about it!

I’ve also planted pumpkins (for the girls), rosemary, cilantro and parsley – because I LOVE fresh herbs – and onions. Oh, and asparagus, but that won’t come up for three years so I’m not really counting it!

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Big spender

I got to see the local high school show choir perform the other day. So fun!

It took me back a few years because we had red dresses with sequins, too.

Then they sang “Big Spender” and I was barely able to stay quietly seated because I wanted to jump up, sing and dance from when I sang that song in high school show choir! (As if I could remember the steps, words or notes.)

And I almost laughed out loud remembering the time we’d performed “Big Spender” and a few other songs for a group (maybe veterans? Kathy, do you remember?) and were introduced not as the Scottsbluff High School Girls Show Choir, but as the Scottsbluff High School Show Girls!!

We were all laughing so hard we could barely sing. Good thing most of the audience was really, really old! (Or seemed so at the time, probably they were only 40 – which isn’t old, not even close, neither is 50 or 60 or 70 for that matter!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a walk down memory lane with this ex-show girl, I mean, girls show choir member. Ahem.

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There’s been quite a bit of this slippery, beautiful substance around our house and town this winter. Our painted front porch and brick steps are particularly hazardous. Thankfully no one has been hurt sliding down … yet. (A hand rail is in the plans for summer projects!)

Here’s some on the trees a couple weeks ago:

And, since at that point we weren’t all sick of ice, snow and winter, the girls enjoyed playing outside and seeing the ice on the trees.

But today I can see it coating the trees and porch swing from my window, and it must be on the power lines, too, because the lights have blinked several times!


I hope we have power all day today.

And all night tonight.

And tomorrow too.

And I hope you have power too – or at least some wool socks!

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A blizzard (or two) changed our Christmas travel plans, but several very, very good things happened anyway.

First, a few firsts:

– This is the first Christmas we’ve spent at home as a family. Maybe appropriate since it’s also the first one in our home. Despite missing grandmas and grandpas, we all had fun just being together.

– The first Christmas we hosted non-family for dinner. We invited several local friends we thought may also be snowed in or alone. Six friends came so our dining room table was full with eleven! We roasted a turkey and improvised with seasoned rice, gravy, veggies, chip dip and Christmas cookies. Our guests added yams, fruit salad, Coke and so much more than food!

– The first time I’ve used my wedding silverware! We needed the extra settings. Now if I only had enough water glasses!

Next, a few blessings:

– Much conversation, laughter, eating, singing carols and playing games.

– Everyone who came said thank you for the invitation and was very excited to come. I got tears in my eyes when one man said being able to gather for fellowship with us was the blessing God wanted for him on Christmas and that must be why he didn’t get to travel where he’d planned. Yes, me too. What a blessing to have friends and fellowship.

Finally, something very, very old:

NOTHING can change the fact that Jesus was born on Christmas to bring love, peace, joy and hope to each of us.

And even more if we are hurting, sorrowing, sick, sad, grumpy, angry, depressed, hopeless and fearful. Jesus came to “seek and save” the lost – that’syou and me.

So, if you are missing someone right now – whether because of weather or death or illness – know that Jesus understands, he left the glory and perfection of heaven to be born in a stable so YOU could know Him. So I could.

I hope your Christmas involved people you love, good food and fun, but even if it was full of disappointment, pain and tears, Jesus offers you hope.

Accept His gift.

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Every year the Belleville Main Street Club? Program? Organization? has an ornament featuring an historic building (I guess I don’t know if it’s always a building) and the only way to get the ornament is to take in receipts from downtown businesses – certain amount from a specific time period.

It’s  a neat idea and a great way to encourage people to shop local – something I do love to do, as long as it’s not much more expensive. This ball, with a picture of the courthouse, was from last year, our first Christmas in Belleville.

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve been here almost two years. Of course, a new baby who’s already one, a new house, there’s definitely some time passing!

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