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Here are a few recent pictures – some leaf pile fun, a purple ruffle dress for the next birthday girl (it’s half-done in the picutre!), the most recent three year old, and picking thousands of zinnia seeds – we could plant a whole acre or two with what they’ve collected!


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Family of five

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Birthday Boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my smiling, running, hugging, train driving, sweet boy!

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Gotta love the kind of flowers that just “sleep in the ground” all winter (according to Megan) and then come up in the spring looking so gorgeous without any help from me.

Also, we had tulips at our wedding so maybe I’m partial.

Oh, and the dandelions are doing well, too. Thanks for asking.

I even brought a few inside to enjoy in my early birthday vase (thanks!!) since so many bloomed around the gazebo.

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Gummy worms

You can’t cut a cake with gummy worms on top.

But she wanted gummy worms, so I just peeled each one back and put it on the plate with the cake. No one – especially the kids – seemed to mind!

What a fun birthday!

Putting the worms on.

Five candles!


The whole family

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My big girl

My first (and tiniest) baby is five today!

She loves to ask questions (not sure where she got that …), go to preschool, play with (and fight with) her sister and brother, imagine silly things, read books, giggle, go to Sunday school, help with everything and play in the mud.

Happy Birthday Kate!

Helping put bunkbeds together.

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Birthday Fun!

Well, Meg is almost 3 years and two weeks old, so I’d better post some pictures from her birthday! Enjoy!

Oh, Megan, weren’t you just born?

I’m so thankful for the past three years! No (more) words.

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