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Three years, three months. That’s how long my body supported another life either through pregnancy or breastfeeding (first Megan and then Daniel).

But now it’s over. Daniel hasn’t nursed in several days. I’m sad because breastfeeding can be so sweet.

However, it was NOT an easy thing for me. (Click here to read my first post about my saga and here for the update.) Shortly after my update two months ago where I was again pumping day and night and taking herbal supplements to increase my milk supply, I realized it wasn’t going to work, it was too much to do those things and try to breastfeed a baby who was simply too inefficient at breastfeeding to get enough.

So I dropped the pumping and then a bit later the herbal supplements and was just breastfeeding a few times a day and giving bottles the rest of the time.

And my already content, cute baby became my super happy, super chubby baby! (He’s still packing on about a pound a week – at this rate he’ll catch up with his sisters in a couple months!)

I knew we were on the road to complete weaning and that was OK. I cried a few bitter sweet tears – I wish breastfeeding would have worked out for Daniel and I bit (or a lot) longer, but I know I did all I could and though the result isn’t my ideal, it is a very good option and one I’m glad to have.

Now he hasn’t breastfed in several days, and my body feels different. Not pregnant. Not breastfeeding. Sort of more my own. (Except for the three kiddos who expect things all day long!)

I still get many hours and minutes every day cuddled into my rocking chair with my sweet baby boy while he eats and I have more time for reading to my girls and playing outside and watching Daniel learn to crawl.

Life is good.

PS. Here’s a summary of my breastfeeding each of my three kids (or just one more way each child is unique):

March 2005 – Kate is born and I breastfeed for two and half weeks before switching to formula. Kate survives, even thrives.

December 2006 – Megan is born and I try again, get better help and breastfeed her for 17 months.

October 2008 – Daniel is born and we again work at breastfeeding – even seeing a breastfeeding specialist (like with Meg) – but only make it 7 1/2 months.

PPS I’m linking this to Beautiful Life and Hooked on Fridays.


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Join in on the Not Me! Monday fun by MckMama at My Charming Kids where we are brutally honest about our imperfections and live to tell about it. (Or feel free to just laugh and pretend I am the only one who has this ridiculous stuff in my life!)

I did not dip my brussel sprouts in barbecue sauce when I ran out of ribs to dip at supper.

I did not walk onto the porch one afternoon to see one of my daughters trying to breastfeed the other one. Oh man, what to say? And do I write it in the baby books?

I did not find a cockroach in my towel in the bathroom after my shower.

(I really hope YOU are laughing at my week because looking back at these, I’m not so sure they are funny …)

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I don’t ride horses. (Or anything that requires a saddle.)

The last time I rode a horse was about 2 1/2 years ago. I was 7 months pregnant with Meg. But don’t worry, it was an easy 5-minute ride around the farm yard on my uncle’s old horse … because Kate (18 mos. at the time) wanted to ride but wouldn’t go by herself or with her grandma. So I did it. And she LOVED it. And talked about it for the next six months.

However, this post is not about actual horses or actual saddles, but another figurative “horse” in my life – my breastpump.

I have a love-hate relationship with my breastpump. I love that it has allowed me to work through several nursing issues and continue to breastfeed two of my sweet kiddos. I love that it’s the best one – for comfort and for performance. (A Medela Symphony, fyi)

Otherwise, I hate it.

But I’m back to using my breastpump. Woo-hoo! Just kidding. About the excited part.

Let me explain. (If you don’t remember the back story of my breastfeeding saga you can see that post here.)

My sweet little man has always been something of a lazy nurser … so he hasn’t been gaining weight quite like he should, despite being happy, content, sleeping well, reaching milestones, etc.

So I’m back to pumping after I feed him and taking More Milk Special Blend Herbal Supplement, both to increase my supply and, hopefully, his consumption, and getting extra breastmilk into Daniel any way he’ll take it – bottle, sippy cup, supplemental nursing system (do you really want to know? Ok, it’s a tiny tube attatched to a syringe full of breastmilk that I try to sneak into the corner of his mouth while he’s breastfeeding to get extra milk into him without it coming out of me).

He will sometimes take a bottle. And he loves that the doctor also suggested feeding him some mashed avocado – it’s the only food with enough calories and fat to even try to compete nutritionally with breastmilk. I’ve never seen a 5-month-old baby eat off a spoon so well from the first bite! It’s like that’s what he’d been waiting for.

Pretend there is a cute video of him lunging for the spoon and kicking his legs in excitement every time I give him a bite – he stopped eating whenever we got the camera out.

This is all more work than I was hoping to be doing to feed him right now. But it’s working! He’s gaining weight like crazy!

I’m glad I can keep working on this crazy breastfeeding adventure. I just wish it didn’t involve copious pumping. Again.

And only God knows what the end will be – as with all things, big and small – and on the grand scale of everything that will happen in Daniel’s life, this is probably small.

It seems big now, though. It looms on my dining room table. Larger than life.

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I drove to Lincoln today to take Daniel to the doctor, but that’s a long story for another day.

I attracted cops like some kind of criminal, though. I don’t know what it was. I wasn’t speeding. Or … what else can you get pulled over for, anyway? Oh, I had the proper tags on my car. (I have been pulled over for that before, but didn’t get a ticket because I had the plates in my van, not on my van. Oh, and since I’m fessing up, my brother also got pulled over while driving the van for no tags. I was in the van. Oops.)

Ok, back to today. On my way to Lincoln, I was in Nebraska somewhere between Hebron and Beatrice when I met a cop. After he passed me, he pulled a U-turn and I glanced down at the spedometer. I wasn’t speeding. At least not more than one mile an hour over.

He caught up to me pretty quick, stayed behind me for a few seconds, then pulled off the road and went back the way he’d been going before.

What?!? Just trying to scare me? Was on the lookout for a smuggler in a white Neon filled with theology books and a baby? Who knows.

The rest of my trip was uneventful (read: no cops) until I was 45 minutes from home. Daniel hungry and crying so I looked for somewhere to stop in Gilead. What? You don’t know where that is? Neither did I before having to stop there on the way back from Lincoln to breastfeed a few months ago!

Back to the story – I didn’t see anywhere in town that I wanted to stop to breastfeed – not that there were many choices – so I just pulled off onto a side road a little ways out of town.

Lots (ok, probably several) of people looked at me as they drove by, but no one stopped as I was obviously not in distress, but just taking care of my baby.

When Daniel was almost done, I heard the crunch of tires on gravel and turned to see a state patrol officer stopping near my car. What now?

But then he saw what I was doing – feeding my baby – and smiled, waved and drove back to town. So he was probably  just checking to make sure I didn’t need help.

Unless he also had a call out on Neons.

(Now that I think about it, I was close to the same place both times. I wonder if it was the same officer? Do you think he got tired of seeing me?)

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The blahs

The last couple days here we’ve had:


more clouds and wind

less sunshine

more whining

less fun

more van trouble

less visiting family and friends

more sugary snacks

less vegetables

more breastfeeding trouble

more runny noses

less kleenex

more worry

less joy and peace

And it’s all adding up to a bad case of the blahs.


But two quotes come to mind.


“Some days are like that. Even in Australia.”
                                                                                       – Alexander

“In the world you will have trouble, but I leave you my peace.”
                                                                                       – Jesus via Rich Mullins

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Those are such sweet words. And they melt my heart every time.

So I scoop my sweet girl and snuggle with her!

Usually it’s Meg who’s up at 6 (or earlier) but doesn’t really want to wake up so we just snuggle in bed or on the couch until Kate gets up or the sun comes up.

We often both fall asleep.

I love those sweet moments. With each of my children.

Kate still loves to sit on my lap and gets lots of hugs and kisses before bedtime – and I remind myself that even if I think she doesn’t need 25 kisses to go to sleep I should be happy to oblige as one day I won’t get to kiss her goodnight.

And for now, Daniel doesn’t want kisses – although they do make him giggle – but just milk in the middle of the night. And no matter how long my days seem with interrupted sleep, the time really is so short that I can hold him close to breastfeed and have have that sweet quiet (or, um, squirmy) time.

So I’m loving it. (But, I don’t love McDs!)

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Not Me! Monday is a fun, relaxing way to laugh at me (or yourself) for the funny imperfections of the last week hosted by MckMama at My Charming Kids.

I did not eat a huge spoonful of peanut butter for lunch one day – just because it was fast and easy – so I could take a nap while the baby slept!

I did not try swaddling, unswaddling, rocking, breastfeeding, laying on tummy, laying on side, letting cry for an hour, and holding the pacifier in the baby’s mouth just to get him to sleep. Not that it would have worked, he was up for three hours in the middle of the night anyway!

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