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Lizard in the spring.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.


If I’s a lizard in the spring, I’d hear my children sing.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.

Ok, so I’m not sure if these are the exact lyrics for the Mole in the Ground song I’ve heard sung by my favorite bluegrass sister duo.*


This morning in church, I heard my children singing. It was wonderful.

Kate actually knew some of the lyrics, Megan tried to follow her and read off the screen and Daniel picked his own words (or maybe it was the ABC’s) while singing gustily. Amazing. Sweet. Wonderful. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Or a lizard in the spring.

*Scenic Roots, check them out on YouTube singing Orphan Girl. 🙂


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Almost before the first drops pattered down, Kate asked if they could go outside and play in the rain.

I said no. (Mostly because it was 8 a.m. on Sunday morning.)

Then I looked at the three of them, with their excited faces, still in pajamas, and thought, why not?

So we went.

Do you think they had fun? (I sure did.)

And I’m the coolest mom for letting them play in the rain, get their pajamas all wet, splash in the puddles and walk in the gutter! Just ask them, they’ll tell you!

I’m linking this to Tuesdays Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky where we learn to enjoy the little, every day things.

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I know “why?” is the quintessential question of the preschool (and later) years.

So here’s one for you that came after a discussion that we couldn’t do our Easter egg hunt at home until after church:

Katelyn: Why is Daddy the pastor?

Mama: Why do you think he’s the pastor?

Katelyn: Because no one else wants to be the pastor?

Mama: Maybe. But …

Then I got interrupted by something while I was trying to word my answer “right” so we’ll have to continue that conversation another day!

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It’s been a long couple days of thinking about how Jesus was rejected and abused by man, abandoned by God and then dead.

All to pay for my sin.

Not hopeful. (Imagine being one of Jesus’ twelve disciples!)

Thankfully, though, we know the end of the story.

He is risen!

Irrepressible power and love.

Do you understand?

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A mystery box

This red, velvet box had been sitting mysteriously on our mantel until today. The girls asked multiple times if we could take it down and open it. And what was in it. The best question came from Kate, “Mama, have I ever seen what’s in it before?” I laughed and told her yes.

We opened it after breakfast.

Inside was this:

Look how they all crowd to be closest to Jesus. Am I like that? Do I try to get as close as I can to Jesus? Even my daughters know that’s what people do.

We told the Christmas story one bit at a time as each figure was unwrapped out of the box. The girls LOVED it. (Daniel was napping.)

After I finished telling the story – with their help – they played with the figures and sang Away In A Manger.

I got the idea to do this “mystery box” with the nativity inside when my mom-in-love gave me this box she was getting rid of  and I wanted to add some anticipation to our advent season. I put the figures in it when the girls weren’t around and set it on the mantel at the beginning of December.

I enjoyed this so much, I think I’ll add it to our advent every year!

I’m linking to Tuesdays Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky because this was such a gift today – in more ways than one!

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Our whole family

It’s not too often we get a picture of “our whole family” as the girls say. But here’s a couple where no one is crying and the kids even match from the baby dedication!



Maybe they’re not perfect, but we’re having fun and this is our wonderful life!

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Ok, if you haven’t seen this before, you might not have been paying attention! I LOVE this Storchenweige wrap I got not long after Daniel was born. I used it every day for the first six months and still do so regularly, at least several times a week.

And it makes my back feel great. In fact, sometimes if my back hurts, I’ll just wrap him up for a while. Ok, I’m done, this is not an ad or paid endorsement!

Recently he’s enjoyed (or slept through) hikes at church camp and vacation bible school excitement while wrapped up.

He’s happy and contained and I’m able to do other things than save every piece of lint and cord and grass blade from his curious fingers and mouth!

A pic, of course!

(Thanks to Emily at Chatting at the Sky for hosting Tuesdays Unwrapped to remind herself – and us – of the small gifts each day holds.)

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