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The new bathroom

Ok, I finally reinstalled the trim, the towel rack, the shelves, the lights, the drawers and carried three loads of tools downstairs.

Here’s the “new” bathroom! (If you can’t remember the old wallpaper, scroll two posts down.)

I chose the color based off the fabric you see on the side of the shelves – it’ll be for a few things in the bathroom eventually – the wall color is a couple shades lighter and I LOVE it.

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The old bathroom

Remember this?

This was the upstairs bathroom BEFORE. Can’t say I’ll miss those flowers. A wonderful sweet friend (thanks!) did almost all of the work of wallpaper removal, texturing, priming and painting. And I LOVE the result.

And, um, well, you’re going to have to wait until I take a picture to see the AFTER!

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I tend to blog less often when I am busy with more projects and/or take fewer pictures.


I’ve been working in the garden (we ate our first lettuce today!), reading Anna Karenina, hanging pictures and plates on my walls, trimming the kids’ hair, rearranging things on my mantel and dining room table, experimenting with a pattern for summer pants for my boy, doing crunches, sorting through and choosing pictures for the scrapbooking I’m going to do while the girls go to vacation bible school at another church and planning for our many summer trips.

Anyway, today we planted five tomato plants in the garden – three are roma, one is cherry and one is yellow pear. Yum! I’m so excited for 65-72 days from now when I’ll get to eat some! Ha ha. As I dug the holes, I had the girls pour a bit of water in the bottom of each one before I put the plant in.

Not sure why since we’ve had rain more days this spring than not.

But that’s what we did growing up. So I did it. 🙂

Just like the story of someone who always cut the roast in two pieces before putting it in the pan because mom had always done it because grandma had always done it because her pan was too small for a whole roast!

Ok, so not quite like that because ALL tomatoes need water, even in the slowly drying swamp of our garden.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the garden later. Or of the cool shelf I’m going to paint soon. Really. Soon.

But not right now.

Maybe I’ll plant some more zinnias since I saved seeds from last year. The volunteer plants were so amazing – I hope I can grow that many on purpose!

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Gotta love the kind of flowers that just “sleep in the ground” all winter (according to Megan) and then come up in the spring looking so gorgeous without any help from me.

Also, we had tulips at our wedding so maybe I’m partial.

Oh, and the dandelions are doing well, too. Thanks for asking.

I even brought a few inside to enjoy in my early birthday vase (thanks!!) since so many bloomed around the gazebo.

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Dining room

I love this corner because of the picture – it’s the first one I ever bought for a home after marrying Josh, got it at a thrift store, no surprise there, and it’s Monet’s waterlilys – and the pillow – it’s a cover we received for our wedding from a friend in England that I stuffed with down from an old coat.

Here’s the view into the kitchen, I was trying to get a picture of the two paint colors together.

This was going to be a long involved post with lots more pictures and description of the process, but here’s the story I’m up to telling today:

My awesome brother spent like 24 hours (not in a row, but close) steaming and removing SIX layers of old wallpaper. Then he and I (even after he left) spent lots and lots more hours priming, painting and edging and edging and edging and edging and edging. I love the gorgeous molding and trim, it did get a little old to edge it all, good thing I love the color!

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Sunny kitchen

mauve wallpaper when we moved in (matched the carpet)

I’m linking to DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.

the pale yellow under the mauve wallpaper

did a sink used to be on this wall?

I'd heard a story (from the daughter of three owners previous) that there was a window into the kitchen from the downstairs bathroom. Now I've seen the proof.

my personal slave, I mean awesome brother!

No pics of the painting process, but it took four coats to cover! By the end of that, I hated the color I’d chosen. Luckily, I got over that and fell in love with the color a couple days later.

yellow in the sun

The sun on the wall really made me love this yellow – daisy shimmer!

bare yellow walls and windows

with paintings, valances and necessary clock. oh, and I made the valances from a bedskirt I bought for $1 at my local thrift store! Cheap and gorgeous!

finally hung my calendar so I could stop forgetting important things!

Ooh pretty! I got this blue frame-thingy for $1 at my favorite thrift store. Isn't it nice on the yellow?

Found this blue frame-thingy at my favorite thrift store for a $1. Isn’t it happy?

I didn't realize (or plan on) a light, dusty blue complimentary color for my bright kitchen. But it happened any way. Notice the clock, the frame-thingy and this sweet kettle!

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