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Megan: Why did you make two doughs?

Me: So I can make LOTS of cinnamon rolls. (aside to self) So I can go insane.

Megan: No, you were already insane. That’s why you know Spanish!

I think she meant “in Spain” but she might be right either way!


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These didn’t last long. Hopefully we’ll get more than handfuls in the days ahead.

In other garden news, I’ve managed to ressurect my herbs, again, after being gone too long. They’re not thriving, but also not dead.

I’ve given up on and pulled out the broccoli because it was really, really bitter and barely had put on any florets yet. Needs more water.

The tomatoes do look promising and there are a couple small cabbages that I still have hope for, but they probably will also have suffered from the lack of water.

The pumpkins seem mostly dead after starting so well, but that is also because they needed water and I made it much more of a priority to water the tomatoes and herbs. At least if I made watering a priority at all.

Apparently my grandma who lived outside of Crete, NE watered her garden every evening and always advised my mom to water more. So watering more next summer (and until the tomatoes stop this summer) is one of my goals.

Wish I could ask Grandma more garden questions. I can clearly picture her in her garden shoes picking cucumbers, aspargus and rhubarb. Tomatoes, green beans and onions, too. So glad I got that with her all those summers of childhood.

Thanks, Mom, for driving us across the state so many, many times. It was worth it.

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Growing things

Well, here’s the regular update on my garden – if once since the plants sprouted is “regular” to you.

I’ll just show you pictures so you can see that the lettuce has gone to seed, the broccoli is growing, but not looking like anything edible, the pumpkin flowers are most impressive and I’ve actually gotten to use a few herbs out of the pots!

And a bonus shot of my load of vintage dresses drying on my new clothesline.

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Well, at least you won’t be as surprised during this story as I was while it was happening.

I’d just wiped up a bit of milk spilled on the floor. As I rinsed the washcloth, I saw¬†some funny black crumbs on it, wondering what food they were from.

Then I looked closer.

Not crumbs.


About ten of them. I’d wiped them up along with the milk.


Ants are hard to spot on a dark wood floor like the one in our kitchen. But I managed to wipe up the rest (I think, but probably not) and it seemed like they had just come in the back door and gone no farther than under the kitchen table. Because there was plenty to eat right there!

Lesson one: Sweep the floor more.

Lesson two: Look for another variety of ants, like ones that are white and easy to see on my floor.

Lesson three: Don’t be surprised by anything. (For example, did any of you consider how easy it would be to see ants when choosing kitchen flooring?)

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Look, can you see them? The tiny sprouts that came up in squiggly rows in my garden?

I think these are lettuce, or cabbage, or broccoli. But not peas.

I’m SO excited, even that they just came up! I’ve never had a garden before and am, so far, very enthusiastic about it!

I’ve also planted pumpkins (for the girls), rosemary, cilantro and parsley – because I LOVE fresh herbs – and onions. Oh, and asparagus, but that won’t come up for three years so I’m not really counting it!

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Chicken ‘n rice

1) Spray glass 9 by 13 pan with non-stick cooking spray.

2) Add milk, cream soup and any spices you’d like – I use garlic, rosemary, oregano, basil, and oregano. Mix well.

3) Put chicken pieces on top – I like to use hindquarters, thighs or legs.

4) Put in 250 degree oven for three hours.

5) Feel smug because a hot meal will be ready when your husband comes home from church. (And because you’re done with it at 9:30 in the morning.)

6) Go to clean ingredients off the kitchen table.

7) Notice the (unopened and unused) container of rice.

8 ) RUN to the oven and grab the pan back out.

9) Keep curious one-year-old out of the hot oven.

10) Add rice to the pan, trying to mix it in well around the chicken.

11) Return pan, now with chicken AND rice, to the oven.

12) Don’t feel too smug. But lunch is still cooking.

And the toddler is not.

Not that he ever was.

But he looked sideways at the oven while I was rescuing the the rice-less pan of chicken.

(Note: I loosely base my chicken ‘n rice on a recipe I received from a friend several years ago. But you know me. I can’t just leave a recipe alone … so it’s not really worth it to type it out since I change it so much anyway.)

Another note: I’m linking this to Tasty Tuesday at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. Definitely worth checking out!

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Pot Pie

If you were hoping for a recipe, sorry.

The girls were playing with playdough and I overheard them saying they were making Little Bo Peep Pot Pie.

So I asked what was in Little Bo Peep Pot Pie. Kate told me.

“Playdough, Mama. It’s pretend.”

Ok, Kate. Then I asked what you’d put in it if you were making it “for real.”

“First you’d roll it out, like a pie.”

“Like the crust?”

“Yes, and then you put spinach in. And then another crust on top.”

“Is that all that’s inside? Just spinach?”


“If I made it for real, would you eat it?”

“If you make it, I’ll let you eat it.” (smiling sweetly)

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