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These didn’t last long. Hopefully we’ll get more than handfuls in the days ahead.

In other garden news, I’ve managed to ressurect my herbs, again, after being gone too long. They’re not thriving, but also not dead.

I’ve given up on and pulled out the broccoli because it was really, really bitter and barely had put on any florets yet. Needs more water.

The tomatoes do look promising and there are a couple small cabbages that I still have hope for, but they probably will also have suffered from the lack of water.

The pumpkins seem mostly dead after starting so well, but that is also because they needed water and I made it much more of a priority to water the tomatoes and herbs. At least if I made watering a priority at all.

Apparently my grandma who lived outside of Crete, NE watered her garden every evening and always advised my mom to water more. So watering more next summer (and until the tomatoes stop this summer) is one of my goals.

Wish I could ask Grandma more garden questions. I can clearly picture her in her garden shoes picking cucumbers, aspargus and rhubarb. Tomatoes, green beans and onions, too. So glad I got that with her all those summers of childhood.

Thanks, Mom, for driving us across the state so many, many times. It was worth it.


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Growing things

Well, here’s the regular update on my garden – if once since the plants sprouted is “regular” to you.

I’ll just show you pictures so you can see that the lettuce has gone to seed, the broccoli is growing, but not looking like anything edible, the pumpkin flowers are most impressive and I’ve actually gotten to use a few herbs out of the pots!

And a bonus shot of my load of vintage dresses drying on my new clothesline.

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I tend to blog less often when I am busy with more projects and/or take fewer pictures.


I’ve been working in the garden (we ate our first lettuce today!), reading Anna Karenina, hanging pictures and plates on my walls, trimming the kids’ hair, rearranging things on my mantel and dining room table, experimenting with a pattern for summer pants for my boy, doing crunches, sorting through and choosing pictures for the scrapbooking I’m going to do while the girls go to vacation bible school at another church and planning for our many summer trips.

Anyway, today we planted five tomato plants in the garden – three are roma, one is cherry and one is yellow pear. Yum! I’m so excited for 65-72 days from now when I’ll get to eat some! Ha ha. As I dug the holes, I had the girls pour a bit of water in the bottom of each one before I put the plant in.

Not sure why since we’ve had rain more days this spring than not.

But that’s what we did growing up. So I did it. 🙂

Just like the story of someone who always cut the roast in two pieces before putting it in the pan because mom had always done it because grandma had always done it because her pan was too small for a whole roast!

Ok, so not quite like that because ALL tomatoes need water, even in the slowly drying swamp of our garden.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the garden later. Or of the cool shelf I’m going to paint soon. Really. Soon.

But not right now.

Maybe I’ll plant some more zinnias since I saved seeds from last year. The volunteer plants were so amazing – I hope I can grow that many on purpose!

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Look, can you see them? The tiny sprouts that came up in squiggly rows in my garden?

I think these are lettuce, or cabbage, or broccoli. But not peas.

I’m SO excited, even that they just came up! I’ve never had a garden before and am, so far, very enthusiastic about it!

I’ve also planted pumpkins (for the girls), rosemary, cilantro and parsley – because I LOVE fresh herbs – and onions. Oh, and asparagus, but that won’t come up for three years so I’m not really counting it!

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Gotta love the kind of flowers that just “sleep in the ground” all winter (according to Megan) and then come up in the spring looking so gorgeous without any help from me.

Also, we had tulips at our wedding so maybe I’m partial.

Oh, and the dandelions are doing well, too. Thanks for asking.

I even brought a few inside to enjoy in my early birthday vase (thanks!!) since so many bloomed around the gazebo.

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Ok, maybe you know, or have guessed, that I’m frugal (or cheap) – and I like to get clothing used/thrift/secondhand. Especially children’s clothing since they grow and change sizes so fast! Or my clothing for that matter – pregnant, not, pregnant, not, pregnant, not – I’m not sure what my “real” size is anymore!

Apart from price, another reason to buy second hand is recycling, being green.

And really, I find several pair of jeans that fit well each year at thrift stores or garage sales – would I find more if I shopped at the mall? Do I need more?

Anyway, today is the Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam hosted by the brave and beautiful Jen! And I’m linking up so you can see some of my more recent thrift store finds.

(BTW, Jen is beautiful – you’ll see – and brave since she REGULARLY posts pics of herself on her blog to help all of us out!)

Here are some pictures that I had to take myself  in order for me to be in the frame. I used my dresser to prop up the camera and a corner of the bedroom!

Disclaimer: I am not as fashionable as Jen. Just be warned. 😉

If you click on the picture, you’ll get a closer look at each outfit as well as more description. Otherwise enjoy them like this and know that the total cost for all these pieces was $14!

So really, much of my wardrobe – except tennis shoes and underwear – is second hand! And the kids, a whole nother story – I rarely buy anything new for them because it lasts so short a time. I got the girls beautiful Christmas dresses at a garage sale this fall for $1 a piece! Great!

And no one would know. Except I just told you. 🙂

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… I can sew! And some credit also goes to my mom and grandma. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been sewing more lately, partly because a neighbor who is moving gave me several bags of fabric that jump-started my imagination! Also, the blogs SouleMama and Little Birdie Secrets have many projects (some similar to these) and ideas I’d like to try!

Here are several recent creations. (All I’ve had to buy for these projects are a little thread, elastic and interfacing, oh and the “vintage” pillowcases – maybe $5 total. All other fabric I had or was given. So these projects are cheap and green!)

Here’s a pillowcase dress (from a 50 cent pillowcase) that fits both of the girls:

Copy of IMG_5593

Some super-cute burp cloths (made from cloth diapers I never used as diapers and fabric scraps):


Some more pillowcase dresses and a spiffed up onesie for the boy:



And finally, a shirt for the mama (from another 50 cent pillowcase, and sorry about the funny angle – I took the pic myself in the mirror while trying to avoid you having to see my armpit!) :

Copy of IMG_5732

So this crafty sewing has been my fun lately to cheaply and greenly add something new to our summer wardrobes.

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