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Week in numbers

2 insulated windows for 4 cozier kids

20 dozen cookies made for gazebo lights party

114 dead zinnias pulled, 79 more to go

5 trillion dust particles vacuumed and dusted

10 feet of tubing for dehumidifier “options”

11 warm hats (and numerous mittens) for keeping heads and hands warm

6 happy knaubs enjoying november sunshine

1 cheesy blog post because at least you get that!


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The new bathroom

Ok, I finally reinstalled the trim, the towel rack, the shelves, the lights, the drawers and carried three loads of tools downstairs.

Here’s the “new” bathroom! (If you can’t remember the old wallpaper, scroll two posts down.)

I chose the color based off the fabric you see on the side of the shelves – it’ll be for a few things in the bathroom eventually – the wall color is a couple shades lighter and I LOVE it.

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The old bathroom

Remember this?

This was the upstairs bathroom BEFORE. Can’t say I’ll miss those flowers. A wonderful sweet friend (thanks!) did almost all of the work of wallpaper removal, texturing, priming and painting. And I LOVE the result.

And, um, well, you’re going to have to wait until I take a picture to see the AFTER!

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New favorite accessory

My brother had one. And I made fun of him for it.

Until I used it. Then I didn’t take it off until he left my house and insisted he wanted it back!

But now I have my own …. headlamp!

I can’t wait to shine it into the dark corners of my next house project!

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Well, at least you won’t be as surprised during this story as I was while it was happening.

I’d just wiped up a bit of milk spilled on the floor. As I rinsed the washcloth, I saw some funny black crumbs on it, wondering what food they were from.

Then I looked closer.

Not crumbs.


About ten of them. I’d wiped them up along with the milk.


Ants are hard to spot on a dark wood floor like the one in our kitchen. But I managed to wipe up the rest (I think, but probably not) and it seemed like they had just come in the back door and gone no farther than under the kitchen table. Because there was plenty to eat right there!

Lesson one: Sweep the floor more.

Lesson two: Look for another variety of ants, like ones that are white and easy to see on my floor.

Lesson three: Don’t be surprised by anything. (For example, did any of you consider how easy it would be to see ants when choosing kitchen flooring?)

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Gotta love the kind of flowers that just “sleep in the ground” all winter (according to Megan) and then come up in the spring looking so gorgeous without any help from me.

Also, we had tulips at our wedding so maybe I’m partial.

Oh, and the dandelions are doing well, too. Thanks for asking.

I even brought a few inside to enjoy in my early birthday vase (thanks!!) since so many bloomed around the gazebo.

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