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Good morning to you, too.

The first thing Josh said to me this morning:

“Good morning.”

The second thing:

“Well, I guess you’re not completely barefoot.”

(I was in the kitchen, baking, wearing my apron, pajamas and fuzzy socks.)


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Eight years and counting!

By the way, this picture was taken two months ago. Not eight years ago. We were married in the good ole days of film. And I don’t have a scanner.

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I know “why?” is the quintessential question of the preschool (and later) years.

So here’s one for you that came after a discussion that we couldn’t do our Easter egg hunt at home until after church:

Katelyn: Why is Daddy the pastor?

Mama: Why do you think he’s the pastor?

Katelyn: Because no one else wants to be the pastor?

Mama: Maybe. But …

Then I got interrupted by something while I was trying to word my answer “right” so we’ll have to continue that conversation another day!

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Ok, so is probably not what you were expecting as ornament made by me! I do have a few I made as a child – though many of those no longer are in one piece – but this is one I made for Josh the first Christmas we were married. Seven years ago. I’m so glad I still get to spend my Christmases with him! (I just looked at the this picture and realized it’s a bit of a funny angle – that’s what happens with a tall tree and a short photographer!)

By the way, I think I’m doing pretty good with this favorite ornament thingy – that’s almost a week of not forgetting to post one!

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Camp Rock

We are at camp this week! Josh and I (and Daniel) brought four high schoolers to Camp Rock this week for a mission trip. The kids are serving as dorm leaders, helpers and VBS teachers. I am mostly supporting the high schoolers, helping where ever I can and taking care of Daniel.

It is so fun to be back here as both Josh and I grew up coming to camp here every summer. And when we were old enough, we worked here. I know what I learned here at Camp Rock was an important part of my spiritual journey. Many of my lifetime friends were made here.

Oh, and I met Josh here. (But for many years I was better friends with his sister.) My first memory of Josh is the summer we were twelve and he and his friend, also named Josh, did a rap for talent night. I can still see those two skinny boys in their white t-shirts rapping for all of us. Everybody knew they were cool.

Of course, over the years I saw many other things I liked in Josh – his love for all people, his sense of humor, love for God – I could really go on.

But I knew someone like him would never be interested in someone like me. So I never even considered liking him in “that” way … until my senior year of college when HE brought it up!

Crazy how things work out. I’m so glad God worked in my life – partly through Camp Rock – and I pray that He is working in all the campers and workers this week, too.

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Seven year itch.

Well, I don’t think it’s ever been itchy.

It’s chaffed some, but we’ve been working on it.

There has been more love than I ever imagined.

More laughter than I can remember.

Three sweet children who I can’t imagine life without.

Every year better than the last.

The little things like a smile, a kiss, or help making supper.

The big things like new jobs, new babies, new states, new church.

And it’s all thanks to God first, of course.

And finally to my tall, dark, handsome, sweet, funny, patient, smart, goofy, adoring, patient, faithful, growing, patient, awesome husband. 

Happy 7th Anniversary Josh! May this year not itch.

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I keep a hand towel hanging on the stove in the kitchen. Usually it is navy blue with white stripes. I use it every time I need to dry my hands, the table or the counter. Or wipe up a spill. So seventy-three times a day.

Today was no different in how often I needed my hand towel.

But it just wasn’t there for me.

Literally. Not there.

So I put out a new one and smiled because my sweet husband had thrown the other one in the wash!

Not half an hour later, I again reached for it only to the the empty space.

Sweet hubby had thrown that one in the laundry, too.

So I laughed and dug another one out of the drawer.

Pretty soon I needed it again … and again it wasn’t there. Not sure where that one went, but I had to dig through the clean laundry for a new one this time.

Then there was pee on the kitchen floor (carpet!) and Kate used the hand towel to try to wipe it up. Yuck.

So I cleaned the carpet and then dug through the laundry basket again for a clean hand towel.

As I’m getting the girls more goldfish (whales, actually) to snack on, I see Meg grab the hand towel, throw it on the floor and jump on it. To clean up some spill … maybe her imagination?

Now I’m off to see if there is just one more clean, dry hand towel so I’ll have something use for the rest of the day.

Or maybe I should just carry it with me!

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