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Merry Christmas



Ready for Christmas eve church.



At a local lights display.


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Bumble bee, princess, boo-shirted baby, fairy princess. (D, K, B, M)

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Lizard in the spring.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.


If I’s a lizard in the spring, I’d hear my children sing.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.

Ok, so I’m not sure if these are the exact lyrics for the Mole in the Ground song I’ve heard sung by my favorite bluegrass sister duo.*


This morning in church, I heard my children singing. It was wonderful.

Kate actually knew some of the lyrics, Megan tried to follow her and read off the screen and Daniel picked his own words (or maybe it was the ABC’s) while singing gustily. Amazing. Sweet. Wonderful. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Or a lizard in the spring.

*Scenic Roots, check them out on YouTube singing Orphan Girl. 🙂

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Little Hikers

My sweeties are quite the hikers. Here are some pictures of them on a couple recent adventures!

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It’s the end of March

Just a few things about us:

– Bridget is getting ready to walk and saying a few words: mama, milk, banana, dada, bite, hi, bye-bye

– I found Daniel asleep, naked, on the bathroom rug at 1 a.m. last night. Maybe he went potty and was too tired to get back to bed?

– Josh is getting ready for camp this summer, as well as his usual doings.

– Megan is still my little nuturer for both of her younger siblings. She also has enthusiasm enough for all of us!

– Katelyn just can’t get enough time to read all the books and magazines she wants to in a day.

– Abbie, well, I’m enjoying the pretty flowers in our yard – tulips and dandylions, mostly.

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A few highlights and sillies from our house lately:

Bridget has four teeth, blows raspberries and pulls up on everything.

Daniel still loves trains, teasing and staying dry at night.

Megan enjoys preschool and invents new games to entertain Bridget every day.

Katelyn walks to school by herself, lost another tooth and reads Betsy-Tacy and Ramona by herself and picking her favorite chapters instead of reading in order.

Josh had a nose job (or sinus surgery) yesterday and we’re hoping he’ll be breathing easier from here on out.

Abbie bought a pair of Harleys. ha ha Jeans. Did you know they made jeans? Neither did I.

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Here are a few recent pictures – some leaf pile fun, a purple ruffle dress for the next birthday girl (it’s half-done in the picutre!), the most recent three year old, and picking thousands of zinnia seeds – we could plant a whole acre or two with what they’ve collected!

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