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Lizard in the spring.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.


If I’s a lizard in the spring, I’d hear my children sing.

Wish I was a lizard in the spring.

Ok, so I’m not sure if these are the exact lyrics for the Mole in the Ground song I’ve heard sung by my favorite bluegrass sister duo.*


This morning in church, I heard my children singing. It was wonderful.

Kate actually knew some of the lyrics, Megan tried to follow her and read off the screen and Daniel picked his own words (or maybe it was the ABC’s) while singing gustily. Amazing. Sweet. Wonderful. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Or a lizard in the spring.

*Scenic Roots, check them out on YouTube singing Orphan Girl. 🙂


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Fall in the mountains

This year we get to see fall in the Rocky Mountains. Because that’s where we are.

And I am learning to just live each moment where I am. Because God is here. He is in control and he is worthy of my trust.

Maybe some pictures soon. At least of the kids!

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Week in numbers

2 insulated windows for 4 cozier kids

20 dozen cookies made for gazebo lights party

114 dead zinnias pulled, 79 more to go

5 trillion dust particles vacuumed and dusted

10 feet of tubing for dehumidifier “options”

11 warm hats (and numerous mittens) for keeping heads and hands warm

6 happy knaubs enjoying november sunshine

1 cheesy blog post because at least you get that!

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It’s November …

Daniel is three.

Meg’s talking about her upcoming birthday.

Bridget can get “crawl” all over the floor.

Baking doesn’t heat up the kitchen too much.

The floor is covered in mittens, boots and snowpants to try on.

A ruffle dress is getting sewn for a “purple” birthday.

Bridget now has a “mama-made” Christmas stocking.

The leaves are crunchy.

The camera with all the pictures is not here with me. Oops.

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this moment

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Because …

… I’m hard-core.

… we’re not made of sugar.

… we have to get home from school.

… I ate way too much fried polenta with honey.

… it’s fun to walk in the rain.

That’s why!

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I’ve learned a few things lately:

– Sleep is overrated. Coffee is not.

– Cat poop on my shoe stinks. But cats catch rats.

– (Accidentally) doubling the butter in the frosting makes it extra yummy.

– You can’t buy anything if you don’t go into the store.

I’ve seen a few things lately:

– Bridget is now rolling over on purpose.

– Megan’s enthusiasm just explodes out of her.

– Kate doesn’t always appreciate this.

I’ve heard a few things, too:

– Daniel can (and does) comment on or question every, single, minute detail. Again. And again.

– Katelyn loves first grade. She’s going to marry a boy in her grade. (Upon the questioning by her grandma – because I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole – she said the first reason was because he was funny like her Daddy. Too sweet.)

– Daniel says he’ll marry me.

– Daniel only wants me to read him train books. Or school bus books. Or fire truck books.

– Bridget loves to coo, giggle and squeak. Her latest noise is … unique, I’m not sure how to describe it.

– Megan sings great songs – especially to her little sister.

We’ve even done some fun things:

– Play dough.

– Climbing mountains.

– Walking to school really is a nice way to start the day.

– Playing in puddles at the farmer’s market.

– Reading.

– Candyland. Even Daniel can play.

– Puzzles.

– Sewing – bags are my latest kick.


Ok. There. We’re all doing well. And have not fallen off the face of the earth.

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