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Little Hikers

My sweeties are quite the hikers. Here are some pictures of them on a couple recent adventures!


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Fall in the mountains

This year we get to see fall in the Rocky Mountains. Because that’s where we are.

And I am learning to just live each moment where I am. Because God is here. He is in control and he is worthy of my trust.

Maybe some pictures soon. At least of the kids!

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1) How does Kate manage to look girly while wearing a camo hat and digging in the dirt?

2) This is how I found them one morning when I got up. I’d been up at 5 (and hungry, of course) so I made enough oatmeal for all of us for breakfast while I was at it. Then I went back to bed. Later they got their own spoons and let me sleep.

3) My shadow, the angle of the sun and a self portrait. Not an exact representation of my shape. But my belly sure is round!

4) Megan and Daniel were walking around with their arms around each other all morning one day. I think they like each other! (And I LOVE that my girls will still walk to school holding hands.)

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These didn’t last long. Hopefully we’ll get more than handfuls in the days ahead.

In other garden news, I’ve managed to ressurect my herbs, again, after being gone too long. They’re not thriving, but also not dead.

I’ve given up on and pulled out the broccoli because it was really, really bitter and barely had put on any florets yet. Needs more water.

The tomatoes do look promising and there are a couple small cabbages that I still have hope for, but they probably will also have suffered from the lack of water.

The pumpkins seem mostly dead after starting so well, but that is also because they needed water and I made it much more of a priority to water the tomatoes and herbs. At least if I made watering a priority at all.

Apparently my grandma who lived outside of Crete, NE watered her garden every evening and always advised my mom to water more. So watering more next summer (and until the tomatoes stop this summer) is one of my goals.

Wish I could ask Grandma more garden questions. I can clearly picture her in her garden shoes picking cucumbers, aspargus and rhubarb. Tomatoes, green beans and onions, too. So glad I got that with her all those summers of childhood.

Thanks, Mom, for driving us across the state so many, many times. It was worth it.

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Growing things

Well, here’s the regular update on my garden – if once since the plants sprouted is “regular” to you.

I’ll just show you pictures so you can see that the lettuce has gone to seed, the broccoli is growing, but not looking like anything edible, the pumpkin flowers are most impressive and I’ve actually gotten to use a few herbs out of the pots!

And a bonus shot of my load of vintage dresses drying on my new clothesline.

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Almost before the first drops pattered down, Kate asked if they could go outside and play in the rain.

I said no. (Mostly because it was 8 a.m. on Sunday morning.)

Then I looked at the three of them, with their excited faces, still in pajamas, and thought, why not?

So we went.

Do you think they had fun? (I sure did.)

And I’m the coolest mom for letting them play in the rain, get their pajamas all wet, splash in the puddles and walk in the gutter! Just ask them, they’ll tell you!

I’m linking this to Tuesdays Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky where we learn to enjoy the little, every day things.

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