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Little Hikers

My sweeties are quite the hikers. Here are some pictures of them on a couple recent adventures!


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Here’s my sweeties all dressed up!

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1) How does Kate manage to look girly while wearing a camo hat and digging in the dirt?

2) This is how I found them one morning when I got up. I’d been up at 5 (and hungry, of course) so I made enough oatmeal for all of us for breakfast while I was at it. Then I went back to bed. Later they got their own spoons and let me sleep.

3) My shadow, the angle of the sun and a self portrait. Not an exact representation of my shape. But my belly sure is round!

4) Megan and Daniel were walking around with their arms around each other all morning one day. I think they like each other! (And I LOVE that my girls will still walk to school holding hands.)

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Family of five

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So. I wish I had more pictures of my Grandma Idella Lorenz’s dresses to add to this post, but even if I had pics of her wearing them, I don’t have a scanner – or maybe there’s one in the basement, but I don’t know how to use it!

Anyway, I’ve been blessed to receive (beg, borrow and steal) several dresses worn by my grandma.

Here’s the latest:

Please note: This picture was taken by someone messing around, not trying to showcase this awesome dress! But, this dress – as I found out after wearing it once – was worn by Grandma for her wedding anniversary. Her FORTIETH wedding anniversary in 1980! So not only did she have twelve children, but all of them were grown! It was a bit big on me, but not so much that you’d notice.

As a point of interest, the tag says size 14. So I guess a 1980 size 14 is comparable to a 2010 size 6. Weird. Or a commentary on our society and it’s obsession with youth, beauty and anorexia. But I’m not going there.

Hope you enjoyed that glimpse into my story and maybe one of these days I’ll get good pictures of all of her dresses that I have. 🙂

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These pictures are pretty representative of the kids right now:

Kate (5) is careful, methodical and focussed on the project at hand. If it’s dirt, paint, blocks or dolls. Unless she’s being silly, of course!

Megan (3) revels in silly, energy and drama – like this picture.  I said I couldn’t see her face, so she showed me! Of course, she can also play quietly (and alone) for hours when she gets interested in something.

Daniel (18 months) is so smiley about  every little thing – peek-a-boo, running, eating, sitting on chairs, and his sisters. As long as he’s not hungry.

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Fun uncle (ie kid pics)

My brother – the kids’ uncle – was here for the first bit of February. Mostly he slaved away removing wallpaper from my kitchen and dining room, painting and doing odd fix-it jobs around the house. (Yes, I’m working on getting those rooms back together, assessorized and photographed to show you.)

But we gave him one day off to take the kids to the Lincoln Children’s Museum. It was fun, of course.

Here are the pictures!

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