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There’s been quite a bit of this slippery, beautiful substance around our house and town this winter. Our painted front porch and brick steps are particularly hazardous. Thankfully no one has been hurt sliding down … yet. (A hand rail is in the plans for summer projects!)

Here’s some on the trees a couple weeks ago:

And, since at that point we weren’t all sick of ice, snow and winter, the girls enjoyed playing outside and seeing the ice on the trees.

But today I can see it coating the trees and porch swing from my window, and it must be on the power lines, too, because the lights have blinked several times!


I hope we have power all day today.

And all night tonight.

And tomorrow too.

And I hope you have power too – or at least some wool socks!


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A blizzard (or two) changed our Christmas travel plans, but several very, very good things happened anyway.

First, a few firsts:

– This is the first Christmas we’ve spent at home as a family. Maybe appropriate since it’s also the first one in our home. Despite missing grandmas and grandpas, we all had fun just being together.

– The first Christmas we hosted non-family for dinner. We invited several local friends we thought may also be snowed in or alone. Six friends came so our dining room table was full with eleven! We roasted a turkey and improvised with seasoned rice, gravy, veggies, chip dip and Christmas cookies. Our guests added yams, fruit salad, Coke and so much more than food!

– The first time I’ve used my wedding silverware! We needed the extra settings. Now if I only had enough water glasses!

Next, a few blessings:

– Much conversation, laughter, eating, singing carols and playing games.

– Everyone who came said thank you for the invitation and was very excited to come. I got tears in my eyes when one man said being able to gather for fellowship with us was the blessing God wanted for him on Christmas and that must be why he didn’t get to travel where he’d planned. Yes, me too. What a blessing to have friends and fellowship.

Finally, something very, very old:

NOTHING can change the fact that Jesus was born on Christmas to bring love, peace, joy and hope to each of us.

And even more if we are hurting, sorrowing, sick, sad, grumpy, angry, depressed, hopeless and fearful. Jesus came to “seek and save” the lost – that’syou and me.

So, if you are missing someone right now – whether because of weather or death or illness – know that Jesus understands, he left the glory and perfection of heaven to be born in a stable so YOU could know Him. So I could.

I hope your Christmas involved people you love, good food and fun, but even if it was full of disappointment, pain and tears, Jesus offers you hope.

Accept His gift.

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Snow fun

Kate especially has loved playing in all the snow we got a couple weeks ago. She’s spent hours out there enjoying it! Megan and Daniel get cold a lot faster than Kate so they’ve only been out a few times, but sure had fun. Of course, here’s the pictures!

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Here’s a few pictures (and of course a few words, too) to show you around our house – all decked out for Christmas. I had SO much fun doing this year, in spite of, or maybe because of, my wonderful, enthusiastic, encouraging helpers!

I’m linking to The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes. Go enjoy all the creativity and beauty!

There’s a bit of snow (and ice) so watch your step!

I just put up the giant balls yesterday! And I didn’t even fall off my ladder (and the porch) into the snow!

Here’s a wreath I made and a bow for the decorative (because it’s too small for today’s letters) antique mailbox.

Come on in where it’s warm!

This little tree has been our main – only – tree the past, oh, seven years! This year it’s in our new foyer (new because the whole house is new). The ornaments came from a thrift store. The garland and ribbon was from last year. And one more shot of the little tree with it’s lights.

Why is it so hard to get a picture of the lights? I just LOVE the ambiance of all the Christmas lights around the house! It makes me smile every time I walk by. Go on into the kitchen, there’s hot cider on the stove and hot chocolate on the counter!

See those cute snowmen on the shelf about the stove? I had to scoot the containers of spoons and spatulas over a little …

And next to the stove you’ll see my *new* picture. It’s one of a set and not actually for Christmas, but I added some of the ornaments I got on clearance last year. Oh, and if you hadn’t noticed, I’m pretending the walls aren’t still covered in mauve wallpaper when it comes to choosing wall-hangings!

And last, but not least, in the kitchen is the big project I did with the girls – and they LOVED it – that reminded me why I don’t do paint-involved projects very often. Three times longer prepping and cleaning than actually painting! But it’s a fun and HUGE addition to the wall! I found the sponge shapes (at a thrift store, of course) a while back and had been saving them for something special!

Look at that concentration from my little artists!

The tiny bathroom off the kitchen got a couple silver and gold (are you humming that song from Frosty? Or was it Rudolph?) balls and ribbon to dress it up. Which is good considering there’s no flooring (someone should be coming later this week to install the vinyl I’ve had for months). Oh, and thanks to a sweet friend for this awesome sign!

On to living room: The “big” tree – at least seven feet sounded big before I had nine and a half foot ceilings!

All of these decorations (many of which you can read about in my daily December ornament posts) are ones I already had. Except for the new ones I got for the kids this year. And the red beads and fringe – got those for $1.50! 🙂 The star was more, but I LOVE it, it will last many years (hopefully) and I’ve been looking for a thrifty version for more than a year without luck!

On the other side of the living room is the mantel – which I agonized over – where the stocking are hung to the side. There were already nails and holes. It was easy! Also, I’m NOT making more holes in the old plaster walls as we get ready to strip wallpaper and redo with paint!

I finally settled on one thing for the mantel. An ornament wreath. I made it. It wasn’t as simple as it sounded from the tutorial I saw before last Christmas, but I love the color and shine! And the ornaments were clearance!

Here’s the bigger picture. Complete with toddler and toys!

Finally, on the piano I have the Christmas tree I made with the girls last year.(On a slightly smaller scale than this year.) So sweet, just because it’s them.

Well! If you’re still with me after all those pictures – thanks! And I hope you enjoyed a bit of my Christmas cheer. This year I’ve really gotten to spend some quality time talking to the girls about the REASON we celebrate, decorate, give gifts, bake cookies and sing for Christmas. Jesus! (Megan’s current stock answer to ALL questions is “It’s Jesus’ birthday!”)

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Our first snow of the season (yesterday) was every kid’s dream!

Several inches deep, it was wet – perfect for snowmen and snowballs. And plenty warm to play outside!

(Oh, and afternoon preschool was canceled so we had lots of time and we’d just read a book called Snow Day the night before!)

Here are the pictures:

Busy adding snow.

Meg's angel.

Snow girls and snowmen.

I’m linking this to Tuesday’s Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky because it was such a gift to the girls and I just to play outside. And I didn’t even mind the entire load of wet, muddy laundry (from TWO excursions out).

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Here are some pictures from our vacation to Colorado.

We were so blessed to stay in my brother’s condo. It was so nice to have a kitchen and laundry facilities right there. And also to see Uncle Louis! We also saw Uncle Austin and Aunt Erika.

Enough talk, more pictures. Enjoy our fun in the moutains!

Looking at these, I seem to have taken lots of pictures of a few things we did and no pictures of others! We also picnicked, played on playgrounds, walked, hiked, grilled, drove, went to Target and just enjoyed being together!

(And snow, in September? Didn’t expect that.)

It was good to go. And good to come home.

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(Thanks to SouleMama and her Winter’s Manifesto for inspiration.)

Catching sunbeams that come in the window.

The potted plants growing in front of the south window.

Playing outside on the unseasonably warm days.

Play-dough. Paint. Crayons. Baths.

Looking for snow every morning. Recovering from disappointment.

Cuddling early in the morning.

Having an extra child on my lap while nursing the baby.

Hand sewing birds.

Seeing new life in old and new friends.


The Storchenwiege.

Singing, dancing girls.


Cloth diapers hanging to dry.

Baking monkey bread.

Starbucks coffee in my coffee pot.

Frozen snap peas. Avocados.

What is keeping you sane in these winter days?

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